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Bleach 463 Spoiler – Bleach Manga 463

سبتمبر 5th, 2011

bleach 463 raw spoilers and bleach manga 463 chapter will be out soon.
We will get bleach chapter 463 the moment it will be release, so be sure to check this page regularly for the update.
bleach 463 : Come Around Our Turn
Just click bleach 463 scans below to read the whole chapter online.
Awesome chapter.Tsukishima fucking up their mind for fun. And yes the ‘bad guys’ are acting like happy children being spoiled by Ginjou.Too bad their asses will be kicked by Zaraki alone (lol).
bleach 463 bleach manga 463
Orihime already looks like a milf .Seriously what’s up with their bodies?The art is awesome,but most of the time the characters of the story are messed up in height,weight(and sometimes even their brain is messed up).
And also the fan arts (I guess) in the last 4 pages were cool except for Rukia x Ichigo.Rukia looks like that boy from the healing squad.
If you have the bleach 463 confirmed spoiler,  please share it to us
I will update this post as soon as the bleach 463 English scans came out.

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