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Bleach 474 – Read Bleach 474 Spoiler

نوفمبر 23rd, 2011

Enjoy reading bleach chapter 474 online, Naruto 564 | One Piece 647 | Bleach 474 here is bleach 474 spoiler it is now confirmed so expect the bleach 474 raw scans to be added soon.

Bleach manga 474 Title:” Believe “
Bleach 474 – Read Bleach 474 Spoiler

Bleach 474 – Read Bleach 474 Spoiler
Tsukishima is finally crushed! Only Ginjou appears to remain. What are his shocking truths?
At Urahara’s shop. Inoue and Chad are sleeping.

Isshin: They’ve settled down…
Urahara: Yes. Tessai-san, I’ll leave them to you.
Tessai: Yes.
Isshin: Where’re you going?
Urahra: To where everyone else is.
Isshin: Reinforcements? I’ll go too.
Urahara: No, The battles are mostly finished and you’re no help at healing. Please stay here.
Isshin: I think I should hurry up and help at Ichigo’s fight to straighten up after him. If I don’t…
Urahara: He’ll hear everything from Ginjou? It’s ok. He’ll find out sooner or later.

Ichigo: The enemy I should really be fighting…!?
Ginjou: Yes.
Ishida: That’s right. Seeing you’re at a disadvantage you present “shocking truths” to pressure him psychologically into joining forces with you. Isn’t that right?
Ginjou: A disadvantage? How do you see that? Sorry, but right now I’m enough to handle the two of you. For instance if you attack from behind I can repel it even while I speak to you.
Bleach 474 – Read Bleach 474 Spoiler

Ginjou: Kurosaki…Do you know why you were given the Shinigami badge to hang onto?
Ichigo:…What do you mean?
Ginjou:…They should have told you this when you were given the badge. The Shinigami badge is given when you are judged by SS to be useful. Listen up, Kurosaki, that’s a lie.
Ichigo: !
Ishida: (…I predicted that much. For a single organization to judge one’s usefulness or harmfulness isn’t a simple matter. And above all there’s the question: if he was given the badge after being deemed useful, why wasn’t Kurosaki told what would happen to him if he weren’t?
Ginjou: The truth is, being useful or not is irrelevant. Either way you are given a badge.
Ishida: ..!!
Ginjou: The formal name of the badge is the “Acting Shinigami Agent Combat Permit.” It authorizes you as the Acting Shinigami Agent in the real world.
Ichigo: I know that.
Ginjou: But up till now have you ever felt its effects?
Ichigo remembers the time he showed the badge to Afro-san.
Ichigo: Kurosaki ichigo! Acting Shinigami Agent. Here’s my badge!
Afro-san: What’s that? I’ve never seen or heard of anything like it!!
Ichigo: What the hell? Is it completely useless?

Ichigo:…Then you’re saying the Shinigami badge has a special purpose?
Ginjou: Yeah. The purpose of the badge is surveillance and governance. Thanks to the badge SS can always know your whereabouts. At least as long as you’re near the badge they were able to govern your reiatsu. Didn’t you ever suspect? As a shinigami going on a rampage. [TN: There's a typo here so I'm not sure what she means.]

When you were human you even felt its effects each time. When you used the badge to bring out your reiatsu. During your fullbring training you heard the voice of your nakama through the badge.
The badge is a communication device with SS. It absorbs your reiatsu, analyses it, and governs it. You are being observed by SS.
You were given the shinigami badge so you could be governed.
It’s not that you didn’t have a sense of unease. You were unconsciously crushing it.
It’s not that the opponent I understood through fighting is deceiving himself.
It’s just that you wanted to believe it, ichigo.
Let me tell you. This plan’s originator was Ukitake Jyuushiro, captain of the 13th division.
The Gotei 13′s most peace-loving man is the one who placed us in handcuffs, Ichigo!!
Ishida (The truly awful case is none of those mentioned.)

Ginjou: His aim was to observe and control us, to use us as soldiers for SS. And to eradicate us if we resist!
Ishida: (Awful…)Kurosaki!!! (Kurosaki won’t be able to withstand these kinds of truths the way he is now.)
Ginjou: All your colleagues in SS understand. They are all watching, letting you die, Ichigo.
Ishida: Don’t listen, Kurosaki!!
Ichigo: Shut up!!!
Ichigo: Bankai!
A roar to erase delusions!!

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