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Bleach 476 Release Date

ديسمبر 5th, 2011

The latest and exciting bleach manga 476 chapter will be released this week.  the bleach 476 released date is Wednesday, December 7, 2011.
bleach 476 spoiler always comes first with the bleach 476 raw pics with translation. We always update our post when there is a development in bleach 476 info.

Ichigo vs Ginjou is really getting started now. I’m really digging Ichigo’s new new Bankai sword. Stripes? Not so much lol. Ginjou’s Bankai looks freakin beast! The white hair and dark eyes is probably from Ichigo’s Hollow powers but he still looks cool.


Bleach 476 Release Date

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And Ichigo noticing something was up with the badge wasn’t surprising but it was also nice to know. He’s smarter than the average shounen protagonist so it makes sense. And apparently not everyone knows about it’s real function since Rukia was asking herself “is there some other reason? some reason we shouldn’t attack?”.

The new sword, hopefully it has something better than getsuga tensho! Not so keen on the new robes though. I used to think that Ginjou looked a bit like Aizen, however in his Bankai i think he looks a bit like Grimmjow. Am i the only one seeing this?

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