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Bleach Manga 472 – Bleach ブリーチ 472 Spoiler

نوفمبر 7th, 2011

The next chapter of bleach manga is bleach 472. As we know, bleach 472 will be added in this site as soon as the bleach 472 spoiler has been released, for some bleach manga fans that asking when the bleach 472 raw and bleach 472 English scans came out?
Rukia will grow longer (more beautiful hair), rise up and wear a hollow mask!
Bleach Manga 472   Bleach ブリーチ 472 Spoiler
Nah seriously, she will be fine. It will either be some form of illusion (ice illusion anyone?), with other words a new trick of hers, or some form of Kido. Her fight is pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to the Fullbring backstory too, that should pretty much confirm that the plot is coming to a close soon
well, we still don’t have the exact time of arrival but mostly, bleach 472 release date is from Tuesday night to Thursday morning.
We hope you enjoying to read bleach 472, come again next week for the next bleach chapter scans and spoilers.

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