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Naruto 556 English Spoilers

أكتوبر 20th, 2011

After the naruto 556 raw chapter given by Ohana of 2ch, here is the naruto 556 English spoilers by Yagami from Naruto Fan Forum.

Oonoki : The youngster you used to call “kid” has changed. Doton – Super Weighting Rock Jutsu !
Oonoki fists gets bigger and bigger as he hits the clam harder.

Oonoki : I did it.

Gaara : The Genjutsu is no more !

Oonoki : Guaaaaah ! My fist !!

MK : And you’re the Tsuchikage ?

Gaara hides his sand underground.
Oonoki : guh …

MK : You’re wasting your time. It’s not something an old far with a back problem can do.
It’s good you’re hitting hard. Hit too hard and your going to suffer like hell. And … Aw, crap ! Run away !
Hozuki Clan’s Water Pistol Technique.

MK’s hand turns into a thing that looks like a gun.

NinA : Over here ?
NinB : Hurry up, guys. Let’s go.

MK fires Water Bullets from his fingertips.
Oonoki is badly hit.

MK : Hey look, moron ! What did I told you ? You’re being rash with that back of yours.
Gaara’s sand protect Oonoki.

Oonoki : Thanks a bunch, Kazekage.

Gaara’s sand turns solid again.

MK : The Sand’s Eye ? Thanks to that you kept watching Oonoki, good.
( When the Clam got hit, he did a Sand Clone ) I’m the real deal now. ( This sand dude, he does nothing without reason )

MK : ( This battle was getting quite fun, too bad )

Gaara : Desert’s Great Sand Funeral !
Gaara’s sand take the form of a pyramid and gather around Mizukage.

NinA : Now, prepare the sealing tags.
NinB : With that much sand, the water will do no good.

They launch kunais as Gaara crushes the Mizukage.

Oonoki : Yes, at last. we won.

All of the sand crumbles at once.

NinA : Whaaa !
Oonoki : !!?
Gaara : !
Oonoki : !! ( This is … No, it can’t be … )

the sky is getting weird.

NinA : What is this ?
NinB : Another Genjutsu ?

Gaara : Genjutsu ?
Oonoki : No ! It’s no Genjutsu. It’s the same ninjutsu that Muu-sama could do nothing against. The Mizukage’s Infinite Blast Ninjutsu.
The Steam Dangerous Tyranny.

The pure bloodlust called waked up the tyran.


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