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Naruto 556 Spoilers | Naruto Manga 556

سبتمبر 20th, 2011

If You are waiting for naruto manga 556 to read, naruto 556 release date is Wednesday September 21, 2011.
Sometimes mangazone released the naruto chpapter 556 scans earlier than naruto 556 English chapter of mangastream scans.
Naruto 556 Spoilers | Naruto Manga 556

Did everyone notice that Hachibi said the Raikage cut off all of his tails? And the only way to defeat him was to use his own tech against him. He was one bad MF. I thought he was going to glossed over like the 7 swordsmen but I’m glad Kishi showed the kage of the past and how strong they are. Now on the the 2nd Mizukage!

Naruto is a beast, he analyze the situation and found a weakness. Just by hearing the story from Hachibi he instantly come with conclusion and create a strategy to defeat Raikage.
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