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Naruto 560 – Naruto ナルト 560 Spoiler

أكتوبر 18th, 2011

The next chapter of naruto manga is naruto 560. As we know, naruto manga 560 will be added in this site as soon as the naruto 560 spoiler has been released, for some naruto manga fans that asking when the naruto 560 raw and naruto 560 English scans came out?

Finally my speculations came true. The trump card is none other than Madara. The one pretending to be Madara could either be Obito/Madara’s brother or some random Uchiha.

It seems he(Tobi) is having multiple personality disorder of which one personality is of Madara and its very likely he is having one of Madara’s true eyes. To be honest, I can’t see why it would be surprising for people other than Kabuto not to realize that Tobi wasn’t Madara.
Firstly, the majority of the people who are old enough to have ever met Madara (before his supposed death at the VOTE) have probably not seen Tobi.
well, we still don’t have the exact time of arrival but mostly, naruto 560 release date is from Tuesday night to Thursday morning.
We hope you enjoying to read naruto 560, come again next week for the next naruto chapter scans and spoilers.

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