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Naruto 563 Release Date and Spoiler

نوفمبر 8th, 2011

The latest chapter naruto 563 spoiler will came out tonight while naruto manga 563 are still on their way.
of course naruto 563 raw will always comes first before naruto 563 English scans because of lot of editing and translations.
We are waiting for naruto chapter 563 to be released by mangastream or mangazone. sometimes other independent fans also release their own version so let see to it later ok?


Naruto 563 Release Date and Spoiler

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Anyway, the Five kages seems still not enough for the godlike power of madara. The eternal mangekyou sharingan and with power of Rinnegan the combination of two eye power seems hard to exploit. That’s why everyone treat him as invincible. I hope Naruto and Killer Bee will arrived on the place where madara is located, but before that I think, they will be intercepted by the man in mysterious mask who pretend he is madara.

So we will know what happen on naruto 563 chapter later. be sure to check this naruto manga spoiler blog again ok?



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