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Naruto 563 Spoiler – Naruto ナルト 563 – First Part

نوفمبر 9th, 2011

Naruto 563 spoiler and Naruto 563 raw chapter has been out. Check every update I posted.
The 5 Kages, at last comes to the battlefield.
Naruto Manga 563 : 5 Kages, the gathering.

Madara : Perfect. I need at least this or else I couldn’t test much more.

Oonoki : Sorry, Princess Tsunade.

Tsunade performs healing on both ( Oonoki and Gaara I suppose )
Tsunade : Raikage ! Mizukage ! I’m counting on you guys to stall him.

A : Here we go, Mizukage !
Mei : Yes. Youton : Youkai no Jutsu !

Madara avoids physical contact.
Madara : ( I couldn’t be bothered to absorb such a low level jutsu. )

While Madara is avoiding, Raikage comes, punchs and hit him.

Madara : ( Hmm, quite fast. )

Without delay Mizukage vomits more Youton.
Madara dives away. ( Art of Run, lol )

Raikage : … !

Madara covers himself with Susanoo.

Part 2

Madara covers himself with Susanoo.
Raikage goes for a Lightning Kick.
Muu blocks the attack with a Suiton, it seems.

Susanoo is chopped from the top. Susanoo dissolves from the Youton.
Mizukage emits more and more Youton.

Raikage kicks Susanoo, Youton comes of Susanoo.

Genma Friend A : To think so an event would occur.It makes me a little happy.
Genma Friend B : I can’t keep up.
Genma : Yes. He’s the man who forced us to do this. Stay alert.
Genma Friend C : Timing is harder to deal with like this.

Dodai : You’ll have to deal with another one to send. Help me.

Muu comes from the ground.

Genma Friend C : That’s him !

Dodai : Let’s go ! Come !

A : Aren’t you done yet, Hokage ?
Tsunade : Just a little bit …

Naruto : Granny Tsunade, Are you still feeling okay ?
when you release your forehead seal, you turn into a old hag and collapse, right ?

Tsunade : I’m different. Different than when Pain came.
And further more, don’t you think I’m out of chakra just by healing such a low level wound.
I’m not done yet, far from it. I still have chakra stored.

Naruto : Then heal me too. I’m a clone but I can’t disappear now ! Then I’m going to …

Tsunade : You’re not needed.

Naruto : Huh, why ?

Gaara : …

Oonoki : This battlefield … is not just about protecting you anymore.

Naruto !!?

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