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Naruto 564 – Read Naruto 564 Spoiler

نوفمبر 23rd, 2011

Enjoy reading naruto chapter 564 online, Naruto 564 | One Piece 647 | Bleach 474 here is naruto 564 spoiler it is now confirmed so expect the naruto 564 raw scans to be added soon.

Naruto Manga 546 Title: My name is Nobody.
Naruto finally clash with the front man.
Tobi and Naruto are blow off from the clash, Bee catch Naruto.


Naruto 564 – Read Naruto 564 Spoiler

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Bee : Calm down, Naruto. Mozafucka !
Naruto : Damn, it’s hard. Not even a crack.
Tobi : You’re lucky I didn’t slip though this. You didn’t even wound me. The power you got by controlling the Kyuubi. This is not all you got, I hope.
Bee/Naruto : !!

Roshi : Yoton – Shaku Karyuu Gan no Jutsu ( Miraculous Stream Rock ).
Lava fall.

Naruto : HOT !
Bee : Yo !!
When they try to dodge.
Yagura : Suiton : Mizugagami no Jutsu ( Reflecting Water ).
Naruto attacks himself in the water mirror, bee too attacks himself in the mirror.
Naruto : The same power !
Bee : Huuh …
After the attack, the water mirror splits itself and turns into Soap Bubbles.
Bee : !!?
As the bubbles attacks Naruto, the bubbles explodes.
Naruto : Haa !
Utakata : Suiton – Houmatsu no Jutsu ( bubble on surface of liquid )
Bee : Naruto !
Naruto : Nnn …

When Utakata moves his fingers, all the bubbles explodes at once.
Bee rescue Naruto with one of Hachibi’s tentacle.
Hachibi : ( You forgot about me. Go all out and corner him ! )
Tobi : … huhuhu …
Naruto : !?

Tobi : Huhu … You can call me with my old name Tobi, you know. Now that this war started, I have no further use for a name. Tobi, Madara … use whatever you want.

Naruto : You … Who the hell are you ?

Tobi : I’m nobody. I don’t want to be anybody. All that matters to me is the final completition of the Eye of the moon plan.

This world where dispair is everywhere is not worth existing.

Naruto : …
Tobi : You Jinchuuriki, you saw despair everywhere since the day you got a Bijuu, Am I wrong ?
I though you people would understand what true despair is, even if it’s just a little bit.
Naruto : Just because we are one with a Bijuu, don’t start getting the wrong idea.
Kyuubi : …
Bee : …

Naruto : This world is worthless for you ? You went as far as starting a war for it. You : A random no name. You think you can fool us ?
Even though you’re trying to fool us and hiding your face like a coward with a lame mask …
You are yourself : an asshole !
You piss me off ! I’m gonna tear apart that mask of yours !

Bee : I’m going first ! Wweeeeeeeeee !

Tobi : You want to break my mask ? You’ll have your bones broken.
Tensou : Jinchuuriki Sentou Taisei ! ( Hosts Battle Condictions, I suppose he uses the other Jin’s powers. )

Bee : EEEeee …
Naruto : !!
Tobi : Kyuubi, Hachibi. Don’t worry, you’ll fall into my hands … The eye of the moon will happen !

When Utakata moves his fingers, all the bubbles explodes at once.
Bee rescue Naruto with one of Hachibi’s tentacle.
Naruto : Thank you, Bee !
Bee : !!
The air around them starts sparkling !
Fuu : Hiden – Rinpen Kakure no Jutsu
Everything seems very bright.
Yugito attacks Bee
Han attacks Naruto
Bee and Naruto blocks.
Bee : The sunglasses are high class !

Naruto : I can sense you evildoers any time I want.
( What awesome power ! )
Han and Yugito have been restrained, Naruto and Bee jumps back.

Hachibi: ( Yugito is even there … Thoses guys are former Jinchuurikis. Furthermore they have both Sharingan and Rinnegan, their lives have been stolen and they’ve been given such gross eyes. Poor Yugito. )

Bee : Seeing them with those eyes piss me off … But I’m relieved this won’t be the case for me.

Hachibi : ( If you don’t want to become like this, you’d better get serious. )

Naruto : He haves the same eyes as Madara. But his mask is different, it haves two holes now.

Tobi : This mask is different from the last one, this one is fit for battle.

Naruto : So the other eye that was hidden was a Rinnegan after all. Just like the other Madara and Nagato.

Tobi : !?

Naruto : You both Madara will fall !

Tobi : You said Both ?

Naruto : … !?

Tobi remembers when Kabuto summonded the dead Madara and the former Jins.

Tobi : Damn you, Kabuto.

Bee : Who are you guys, anyway ? Madara is the other guy right ? Mozafucka !
Tobi : … huhuhu …
Naruto : !?

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