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Naruto 566 Raw – Naruto ナルト 566 Spoiler

ديسمبر 4th, 2011

The latest  Naruto 566 | One Piece 649 | Bleach 476 spoiler is out!naruto manga 566 English will be added in this site as soon as the naruto 566 scans has been released,
for some naruto manga fans that asking when the naruto 566 raw and naruto 566 English scans came out?
I’m actually curious about what the Hachibi meant by Bee eyesight getting worse. we’ll probably get to see what his eyes look like soon. 
Hopefully we get to see full bijuu transfromation in proper action rather than something that just sits there and blasts bijuu dammas levelling everything in sight.

Naruto 566 Raw   Naruto ナルト 566 Spoiler 
.I mean ‘summons’ have been more interesting in battles. With a perfect host I want to see more than sitting and shooting bijuu balls, levels before this like full bijuu power in human form would have been awesome here…though its to be seen if Pain’s Preta path can like he does absorb jutsu/techs effect any of the forms Naruto and Bee take.  

well, we still don’t have the exact time of arrival but mostly, naruto 566 release date is from Wednesday night to Thursday morning.
We hope you enjoying to read naruto 566, come again next week for the next naruto chapter scans and spoilers.

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