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Naruto 566 Spoiler | Naruto Manga 566

ديسمبر 2nd, 2011

If you want to read the complete chapter of Naruto 566 | One Piece 649 | Bleach 476 , we can give you all the details about the latest naruto manga 566 here in naruto-spoilers.com. The naruto chapter 566 release date is on Wednesday night December 7, 2011. on Tuesday, naruto 566 spoiler will started to show. and in Wednesday, naruto 566 raw chapter will be out followed by naruto 566 English scans.

I don’t see much problem with killer bee doing a full transformation. He is up against six opponents that can both predict his movement and then share that movement among themselves. Solo’ing isn’t gonna work, it’s time to bust out the big guns to target them all at once.
Naruto 566 Spoiler | Naruto Manga 566

Anyway, I’m glad to see we’re getting to see more of the former Jinchuuriki’s abilities. Fuu’s flying and Roshi turning his body to magma are both pretty cool.

Hachibi might somehow help in Kyuubi’s persuasion. It’s about goddamn time for them to unite. Kyuubi still acts all hatredy like and like he doesn’t give a shit. But there’ve been at least 10 of its surprised looks that can’t be overseen. Also, it’s Naruto. He changes everyone and and everything, except Madara and Sasuke, of course. I also wonder if Bijuus were friendly to each other or enemies.
As always, the naruto 566 scans will be released by mangastream or mangazone. sometetimes some scanlation group from mangareader and mangafox has did it too.

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