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Naruto Chapter 551 | Naruto Manga 551

أغسطس 11th, 2011

Alright, The next naruto manga 551 is on Wednesday August 17, 2011.
It’s Obon and not Golden Week, but same difference, no WSJ. Naruto 551,
One Piece 635, Bleach 460, HxH, Toriko and Reborn are all on break this week.
naruto chapter 551 will be back next week.
I wouldn’t say that Hashirama and Madara were friends. As for Jiraiya, naruto has already succeeded at some things that Jiraiya did not accomplish. As for Sasuke, there’s no telling what the village will do. Everybody thought Naruto was a nuisance and loser until he saved the village.
Naruto Chapter 551 | Naruto Manga 551

There’s always the chance that Sasuke does something to redeem himself. I would say that sasuke could sacrifice his life, but then there would be no Uchiha left, so I’m guessing Sasuke will redeem himself and either come back to the village or start his own or something.
Just wait for naruto 551 spoilers, naruto 551 raw and naruto 551 scans to came out.
Keep coming back for more naruto manga 551 update.

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