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Naruto Character |Five Tails Gobi

ديسمبر 21st, 2011

The Five-Tails is a tailed beast sealed within Han from Iwagakure. It has been captured, extracted, and sealed by Akatsuki. In the anime, the Five-Tails is indicated to have been one of the two tailed beasts that Akatsuki captured before the start of Part II. It was later resealed into a resurrected Han during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Naruto Character |Five Tails Gobi


Not much is known about the Five-Tails, but since it is a tailed beast, it has a great amount of chakra in comparison to most shinobi and is able to use the Tailed Beast Ball. The Five-Tails can also use its horns in combat, showing enough ramming-force to even injure the Eight-Tails.

According to Tobi, the Five-Tails first came into being in the waning days of the Sage of the Six Paths’ life; to prevent the Ten-Tails’ resurgence, the Sage split up its chakra and used his Creation of All Things ability to create nine separate, monstrous constructs of living chakra, which would become known as the tailed beasts. The Five-Tails eventually fell into the possession of Iwagakure and was sealed into Han.

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