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Naruto Manga 551 – Naruto Shippuden 551

أغسطس 15th, 2011

After the Obon Week in the Japan, naruto manga 551 is back on regular chapter released.
naruto chapter 551 will be added here soon we are waiting for the naruto 551 spoilers and naruto 551 scans to came out. I think I know what will happen next chapter.
Scenario 1
Naruto’s soul is pulled out by Nagato…but, WHATS THIS?
Nagato: “a shadow clone!?”

Naruto Manga 551 – Naruto Shippuden 551
(possibility number 1): Real Naruto: *located back at a different fight* “My clone…it’s…it’s GONE!”
(possibility number 2): Real Naruto: *appear behind Nagato* “Tailed-Beast Rasengan!!!!”
Scenario #2
Naruto’s seal Disassembled!
The Kyuubi speaks! He is trying to escape from Naruto’s body.
*The Kyuubi begins to be captured by Nagato*
Kabuto: “One Down.”

Scenario #3
Itachi intercepts Human Realm!
Itachi: *activates Susano’O* *cuts nagato’s human realm link between Naruto* “Naruto, are you alright?”
Naruto: “Yes but…WHAT IS THAT?!!?!?!?!?!”
Itachi: *Susano’O

naruto 551 raw chapter are the first to released online then followed by naruto 551 English scans.
So just relaxed and keep coming back to this manga site for more naruto manga 551 info.

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