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Naruto Manga 561 | Naruto 561 Spoiler

أكتوبر 23rd, 2011

All manga fans are patiently waiting for naruto 561 and naruto manga 561 spoiler.
the naruto 561 release date is Wednesday, October 26, 2011 or the morning after.
The naruto 561 scans will be released by mangastream and mangazone scanlation team after the appearance of naruto 561 raw
The more I look at it Tobi has to be Izuna. It just makes sense. The fact that he was the closest Uchiha to Madara’s level and Madara was said to be the only one capable of controlling the fox makes me think its him.
Naruto Manga 561 | Naruto 561 Spoiler

Also it as someone posted earlier the line about Izuna willingly handing over his eyes and Tobi grabbing his arm always seem suspicious. Maybe Izuna thought that by giving up his eyes to his brother the Uchiha would remain in control but after “seeing” Madara lose he might made it his goal to finish the mission. Also Tobi seems to be an eye collector. Someone with out eyes would definitely be in the business of trying to find Uchiha eyes.

this post will be update to bring you the latest in naruto 561.

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