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Naruto Manga 561 | Read Naruto 561

أكتوبر 26th, 2011
Read Naruto 561 and have the full advantage of knowing the Naruto shippuden 561
story first and use that knowledge when discussing this amazing manga series with your friends and colleagues.
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Naruto Manga 561 : His power.

Naruto Manga 561 | Read Naruto 561
NinA : A Meteorite ? But How ?
NinB : Is that really a ninjutsu ? You can’t run away from that.
Oonoki : Don’t you dare say you give up. Don’t throw way your hopes before doing something.
We can do what we can, but we have to act.

Oonoki jumps.

NinA : Tsuchikage-sama !

Gaara : Everyone, run away as far as you can.

Fooders run away really fast.

Muu ( Kabuto ) : Did you just said “Someone as lowly as us ?”

Madara : Of course, I did. The Edo Tensei jutsu’s real motive was to use it on fellow travellers.
We are returning to our true selves, even if it’s just a little bit.
So is that old guy the Ryoutenbin kid from Iwa ?

Naruto : What is Grampa Tsuchikage doing ?
NinA : He’s trying to make the meteorite lighter so he can stop it.

Oonoki goes under the Meteorite. “Doton – Chou Keijuu Iwa no Jutsu!!
Oonoki : NuUUOOOOOOOHH ! ( A little bit, just a little and I can stop this thing ! )

Madara : Damn you, Ryoutenbin kid. You grew up, all right.

NinA : He did it.
NinB : He stopped it.
Madara : Okay, and how about the 2nd one, Oonoki ?

The 1st Meteorite is destroyed by another one.

Oonoki : !?

NinA : WHAT ?


Mabui : What’s his motive ? Why did he intruduced himself as Madara ?

Tsunade : Does that mean that the man know as Madara was never alive in the first place ?
If the other one was nothing more than a fake, a deception to deceive us. Then the world is about to experience true terror.
The terror known as “Power”.

We can’t ignore anymore thoses who are fighting. We’re going too.
The vibrations of the meteorite falling can be felt by Tsunade and the others at HQ;

Shikaku : What the heck ?

Inoichi : Reporting. The 4th division just dealt with a huge falling rock. We just felt the shockwave.

Raikage : Do we have other reports after that ?

Ao : This is … a massacre. In just a moment, All theses people …

Shikaku : There is no mistake. This is Madara’s jutsu. Tsunade-sama, if we do nothing, we’re …

Tsunade : I’m on my way.

Naruto Manga 561 | Read Naruto 561

 Muu ( Kabuto ) : By the way … There are some survivors it seems. The Tsuchikage and Kazekage are tough, all right.

Madara : There is something I want to try. Summoning Technique !

Naruto suffocates.

Naruto’s inner world.

Kyuubi : Gurururu …

Naruto : My inners are burning.

Kyuubi : This chakra that is calling me … Madara ?

Madara : So we don’t have the Kyuubi.
Muu ( Kabuto ) : That’s the whole point of this war, actually.
Kyuubi is sealed inside a Jinchuuriki. Look here, this kid is the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki : Uzumaki Naruto-kun.

Madara : Did you just said Uzumaki ?

Madara : Did you just said Uzumaki ? Like Mito’s clan ? That’s the kid who just attacked me, right ?
Muu ( Kabuto ) : He’s quite the formidable foe. You can capture him all right, but it’s likely this one is just a clone.
How about we find the real one ?

Madara : No. I want to try something. I’d rather do it with people around, it’s more fun that way.
Mokuton – Juukai Koutan !

Dodai : What ? Even Mokuton ?
Sensor Ninja : It looks like it’s the end.

Naruto : ( Shit ! I have almost no chakra. What Am I gonna do ? )

The trees are surrounding Naruto and the others.

Kyuubi : Naruto … This time I’m giving you some power.

Naruto : ( So that mean you still want to take control of my body ? )

Kyuubi : No. I’m just giving you chakra. I can’t stand Madara. I’d rather helpyou than being manipulated by him.

Kabuto : ( If I can continue to use Madara like this, I can control the flow of this war. This trump card is way better than expected. )

Naruto runs.

Gaara : Naruto !

Naruto : Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu ! Oodama Rasengan !

Oonoki : …

Kyuubi : Way to go, Naruto !

Naruto : Oodama Rasengan !

Around 1000 Naruto spams Oodama Rasengan on the whole battlefield, destroying the forest.

Madara : It’s just like you said, he’s not that bad.

Muu ( Kabuto ) : I know, right ?

Naruto : I used up Kyuubi chakra all at once. I’m at my limit.

Oonoki : Naruto … It’s okay. I’ll handle this.

Gaara : Tsuchikage-sama, you can’t …

Oonoki : Hmm … At last the time has come for me to fight seriously.
And for this, Madara is just the kind of opponent I want.

Oonoki’s determination.

Follow the story line of Naruto manga 561 series that everyone loves to read and
I’m sure you will find it interesting too! Enjoy reading Naruto 561 scans and image scans online.

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