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Naruto Manga 568 – Naruto 568 Spoiler

ديسمبر 21st, 2011

Welcome to the most awaited Naruto 568 | One Piece 651 | Bleach 478 chapter online. Here in naruto-spoilers.com, we always updated in naruto 568 spoiler and naruto 568 raw chapter and scans. The naruto manga 568 will be added on Wednesday night or Thursday morning and if naruto chapter 568 is still unavailable on thursday it means there will be no chapter this week.

I hope that sasuke teams up with itachi to kill kabuto. First of all we need to know the secrets kabuto holds onto, and secondly i would like those ‘secrets’ to actually play some role in the plot. If itachi handles kabuto all by himself, and he himself goes back to death, then that can’t happen.

Naruto Manga 568 – Naruto 568 Spoiler

Also the current villains, tobi and madara are both requiring the good guys to team up. It’ll be a real shame if kabuto can’t live upto that standard and get beaten by one single (zombie) person. I hope that somehow kabuto’s secret will help sasuke to top madara and tobi, and he’ll the antagonist of an arc after this war. Juugo and suigetsu, plus the ppl from oro’s hideout can join him in his konoha invasion.

But as usual, naruto 568 English chapter will be added next week on a regular basis.

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