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One Piece 633 – One Piece Manga 633 Chapter

يوليو 23rd, 2011

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They probably didn’t grew up at the same place, being a mermaid she had the advantage of living within Fisherman Island, also being sexy and have a misterious power rarely brings bad conditions with it.
One Piece 633 – One Piece Manga 633 Chapter

About the ship being Pluton, I kinda doubt it, as it was build by the Fishmen to get to the surface long after the Void Century, but it definitely could be the same kind of ship their predecessors used to get there in the first place. It’s up to Robin to reveal more about the Ponyglyph aside from the little hint on a certain Joyboy. Edit: An apoligy letter has little chance of being a blue print for a gigantic ship.^^

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