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One Piece 647 – Read One Piece Manga ワンピース 647

نوفمبر 23rd, 2011

The latest one piece chapter 647 spoiler is out! Naruto 564 | One Piece 647 | Bleach 474
one piece manga 647 English will be added in this site as soon as the one piece 647 scans has been released,
One Piece manga 647 Title:” Noah Has Stopped”
Neptune: “(The Promised Ark… This is the first time it can’t be helped…)
(Will you forgive us for breaking that promise… Joyboy…)?”
Voice: “(Stop-!!)”
Luffy: “Wah!!”

one piece manga 647

read one piece 647

Pirates: “Watch out above!! It’s dangerous!!”
“Wadatsumi’s falling!!”
Jinbe: “As expected of Luffy-kun’s crewmates…”
Zoro: “Drop him farther away, clusmy cook.”
Sanji: “Shaddup, or it’s your head that’ll fall!”
Chopper: “Amazing, Sanji…”
Usopp: “Franky’s beam is the best!!”
Franky: “Yo, Chopper! Shrink down a bit, my giant robot form doesn’t compare!”
Brook: “Nami-san, may you please lift your miniskirt?”
Nami: “Shut it.”
Robin: “Just what use is that robot for?” People: “!! Noah’s come this close!!”
Pirates: “Run! The plaza’s in trouble!”
“Those messed-up leaders can’t help us anymore! Run!!”
“The island’s gonna be completely crushed!!”

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for some one piece manga fans that asking when the one piece 647 raw and one piece 647 English scans came out?
well, we still don’t have the exact time of arrival but mostly, one piece 647 release date is from Wednesday night to Thursday morning.
We hope you enjoying to read one piece 647, come again next week for the next one piece chapter scans and spoilers.

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