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One Piece Ancient Weapon | Pluton

ديسمبر 22nd, 2011

Pluton is one of the three ancient weapons, alongside Poseidon and Uranus. Pluton is a huge warship of mass destruction, constructed long ago in the city of Water 7 in the Grand Line. It is said to be capable of destroying whole islands. Pluton was first mentioned by Crocodile when he questioned Nefertari Cobra of its whereabouts.

One Piece Ancient Weapon | Pluton


Crocodile sought to gain control over this weapon in order to be able to defeat the World Government after taking over Alabasta. The Pluton was known to be Crocodile’s greatest goal for his start of turning Alabasta into a military state.

The location to which Pluton was taken is said to be somewhere in Alabasta, and the poneglyph which can be used to find it is also located in Alabasta, within its royal tomb. The poneglyph was discovered by Nico Robin but she lied to Crocodile about what it said. Crocodile, however, sees through Robin’s deception and stabs her, having judged from Cobra’s stunned reaction to his mentioning “Pluton” that the kingdom held the key to finding the weapon.

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