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One Piece Character | Eric

ديسمبر 28th, 2011

Eric Naruto 568 | One Piece 651 | Bleach 478

One Piece Character | Eric

Eric was skilled enough to be hired by Nelson, and has shown to be quite acrobatic, jumping to evade Monkey D. Luffy’s attacks. He also seems to be confident of his own abilities, as he is undaunted during his first encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates and does not show any sign of fear upon learning that Luffy is also a Devil Fruit user, which apparently scared the other marines with him at that scenario.

Wielding the power of the Kama Kama no Mi, Eric is able to use his lengthened fingernails to cut through the very air to create razor-sharp gusts of varying size. Eric proves himself to be a dangerous opponent when ultimately facing Luffy, inflicting multiple wounds against his opponent, but he proves to be no match for the Straw Hat captain.

His part in the storyline is short, but rather humorous. As a mercenary under Nelson’s command; he is ordered to retrieve the runaway girl Apis and capture the legendary Sennenryu, Ryuji. He tracks down and follows the Straw Hat Pirates throughout the entire Warship Island Arc, eventually betraying and (supposedly) killing Nelson and fighting Luffy and his crew in a bid to try to obtain the Sennenryu which will aid him in making the supposedly magical ‘elixir’. He manages to deal a significant amount of damage to Luffy, but is defeated when Luffy sends him flying off the Lost Island with his Gomu Gomu no Kane and Gomu Gomu no Bazooka attacks. Eric later reappeared once again to obtain his revenge just as the crew began to climb the Reverse Mountain, leading to the infamous Grand Line, but found himself tipped over the edge of the Going Merry and into the water by the wily thief navigator Nami before a battle could even erupt. He is most likely dead, due to the negative side effect of his Devil Fruit which causes him to be a deadweight in seawater with the strong currents coming from the mountain also put into consideration. He has not appeared in the anime ever since.

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